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To set you in the mood of the Peaceful Garden please read the introduction below.

As the fresh smell of the warm air fills your lungs and the peaceful songs of birds fly through the air you smell the fragrant scent of...fresh flowers! You walk closer and closer and soon reach a gate way where a person in a long purple sleek gown stands there. She looks up and you see a twinkle in her eye as you approach closer.
SolarPanda:" Hello my well travelers. I am Lady SolarPanda and I am the guardian of the garden behind me. I must assume you have followed the scent of our flowers that bloom all year long and never die. No matter what weather you are a lone traveler seeking peace for a time or a person allergic the flowers who cannot come near them all are welcome and these magical flowers will do no harm. Please follow me."
She puts out her hand as you take it and follow her into the garden. She softly speaks and suddenly the gates open with great light passing through it. She let's you enter into the soft ground and the wonderful smell of flowers wills the air.

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Inspirational Words
Friendship is like a flower
As Flowers needs many things to grow
so does friendship need many things to grow
Flowers need water to stay healthy
Friendships need love and understanding to stay strong
Flowers need sunlight to grow
Friendships need happiness to grow
Flowers need the sturdy soil to stand
Friendship needs sturdy trust to stand tall
Flowers need to be nurtured and cared for
Friendships need to be nurtured and cared for
As delicate as a flower
That is friendship.

The soul is like a flower that can be frail but beautiful,
and God is the care taker who will nurture your soul,
but if you grow thorns to keep others away,
then the Lord's loving hands cannot nurture you,
and your soul will wilt like in a warm sunny day,
with out the care of the Lord and His loving hands.

All written by Hellopanda

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