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Welcome to The Spirit Site. I'm so glad you are here to stop by for a while and check out all the things that this spirit site has to offer. Listed below are the pages in this site and a little description of them.

Trophy Room
Though you many see awards spread out through this site most of them will be located in the trophy room where you can see the past awards that were won by myself.

The Real Spirit
This is an area for fighters who have forgotten what it means to have the spirit. This is a guide to help them realize how wonderful the REAL spirit is and to understand what the fights are all about.

The Spirit Garden
This is where you are able to just relax and see the wonderful spirit flowers that have been collected by myself. There are also spirit words and if you would like to send one in you are more then welcome to.

Wee One
This is where I will talk about my thoughts of being a Wee One and other things as well.

This is where I will be talking about my thoughts of being a DHunter and other events.

This is where I will be talking about my thoughts of being a spirit and of a few other things as well.


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