Well being a Dhunter was my 2nd job in the fights and I am very proud to be one =) I love rewarding good sites a prize from the fights and inviting them to fight fight fight =)


Ok come on keep pilling up the work. =) being a DHunter isn't too much work and I still love it. What's the point of me doing all this work? Have you ever heard of Spirit! =) No but really I love doing work on the internet for others. It's an importance kind of thing hehehe. It's just that my whole life has been based on work. I can remember working when I was 5 years old and up so I didn't get to enjoy everything a normal childhood should be. Don't feel sorry for me cause that's just going to make it worse hehehehe. But really I've been traumatized! Dumb bullies didn't know their actions but I know I have to move on from that sort of scene. But really it all comes back to work but I like this work. It's fun =)

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