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Poeams of the Deep Heart

I have made this page to show people poems that I have made myself about personal feelings not exacptly my own but many different feelings. All of them a written by me so please do not steal any of it without my concent. Thank you.

Through a child's eyes
Through a child's eyes the world is a different place,
There is no judgement of skin or even race,
Where fairytales rome,
and where there world they call home,
and everything is care free and in place.

Through a child's eyes the skys are blue and white clouds float by,
Make-believe comes and they are able to fly,
With candy and chocolate all covered in the streets,
with fairies and unicorns they are able to meet.
And where play never ends and everyone is their friend,
and their innocent minds never think of the end.

All my fault
It's all my fault these things have happened,
When my mommy and daddy started yelling I was frightened,
I did something wrong and I know I was bad,
There yelling and screaming was making me sad.
My Daddy said things to me and I didn't understand,
Then he suddenly hit me and I knew it was bad,
My mommy was yelling again and again,
My ears were hurting and I tried to tell them when,
mommy started crying and I knew it was because of me,

Rain rain go away come again another day,
my heart is sad and I feel mad I wish I felt another way,
1999 Hellopanda All Right Reserved. Nothing is able to be taken without the written consent of the Web Mistress