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The Sailor Scout Fan Fic Library

Hello! This is The Sailor Scout Fan Fic Library! Come in and enjoy the library. This has all the different fan fics of sailor fans! Enjoy them and if you would like to have your fan fic put in this library please EMAIL Me and give me the url for your fan fic. When your fan fic is added you will be sent an email saying that it has been added and a little badge for the fan fic library to put on your page. So come on and give me your fan fics!

The library list

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What do you send me when you want to put your fan fic in the library? Well send me your name, email address, and your fan fic URL (Address). Once I get that and you fan fic has been aproved by me your fan fic will be put in one of the sections you see above you. They are ordered alphabetically by your name. So lets say the author of a fan fic is me Hellopanda well then my fan fic will be listed in H. You MUST give me your name. If not your fan fic won't be listed. Below are some rules for what should or should not be in your fan fic.

Fan Fic Rules

  • No swearing allowed! Nothing talking about nudity or anything that is inapropriate.
  • Should have something about Sailormoon in it. The fan fic can be about another anime. but try to squeeze in Sailormoon if it is a fan fic of another anime.
  • Write the fan fic with care.
  • Send to me to put in the library!
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