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Hi you happy people this is the Prologue to Destiny of the Stars and I'm happy to say that this is an interesting story. It takes place, no matter what the characters say it takes place one and three quarters of a year after Galaxia.
Discailmer I don't own Sailormoon or any other Sailormoon characters so please don't sue me this is just a story I wrote that involves her.
But I do own Destiny and other assortment of characters you will meet. Enjoy. Questions E-mail me. I think this is rated G
"There's no such thing as chance: And what to us seems the merest accident
Springs from the deepest source of destiny."
--Johann von Schiller
Destiny of the Stars

In a place where time stands still where only a select few roam. The place has mist swirling all round it. The place contained a pair of tall golden gates known to many as theTime Gates. The Time Gates are greatly known as the gateway to all time. The gates now stand alone and unprotected. They are lacking their guardian. The place also contains a palace. The palace is a huge white marble palace with hints of blue in the stone. The palace stands cold and forlorn. Inside the palace it is just the same. Only that the palace has its' true master there.

There is a woman dressed in a long white satin gown; she sits on a throne made of sliver with lining of gold, the woman was watching a hologram of a girl sleeping. Her red lips curls up into a adorning simile while watching the girl kick her cat as she streaches in her sleep. She sighs as the girl starts simling in her sleep. Then a figure enters the room. She waves her hand and the hologram disappears. "Watching her again?" Asked the figure looking at the woman on the throne with shining eyes.
"Yes I miss her but we will meet soon. Now go and do as you are instructed and you will have your wish granted dear friend." replies the Woman.
"Yes my Queen" The figure, says as it disappears.

The moon was out. A full moon it hangs perfectlly in the sky. The stars in the sky glitter complenting the Moon. The Moonbeams cascade on the Earth's surface caressing the world lighting the dark earth at showing the blood that was spalttered on the ground. There was once a sound of Happiness and Joy in this world, but now there is only pain and Destruction. The Moonbeams that are caressing the Earth are Caressing Blood that has been splilled on the ground.

People are crying out for mercy as they are being slaughtered and cultivated for parts. The citizens of this place all look towards their Queen to help them, but they find none. She wasn't strong enough for the evil ones. Sure her heart was big and the love she gave out was unlimited. She was a lot powerful than anyone there, but compared to a certain evil power her power was a lot like firecrackers. Some would beg the differ, but the evidence was right there. Crystal Tokyo should never have happened. The people outside the wall suffering through Hell are crying, dying, and they are than enough evidence to prove this point. No it shouldn't take one person to save the the world or tokyo, but six could. The people dying look up at the full moon with a loving and sad gaze. They all raise thier hands trying to touch the moon as their last breaths escape from their chest.

A lone figure stands on top of Crystal rubble formally known as the Crystal Palace. Her long green hair use to shine brightly. Now its' a dull green it has lost it life it whips in the wind to a silent, mournful and slow song. Her eyes use to be keen and attentive. Now they are weary and painful. Her face is full of regret and sadness where it use to be full of thought and happiness. Her Sailor Fuku is torn and bloody she tried so hard so very hard and she failed. She is now faced with a decision. A decision that goes against everything she believes in. She the time guardian the one that has been managing the gates of time for such a long time she can barely remember when she was recruited to watch over the gates of time. It was long before Queen Serenity. When she Sestuna was picked from the planet Pluto to guard the gates of time it was an honor, at the time.

I was glad and honored at the time, but I was foolish. It meant separation and loneliness 100 lifetimes' maybe more of exile. I had found happiness and Love with Usagi and the Senshi she found love as Sailor Pluto and just as plain old Sestuna, she thinks. A tear slide down her cheek falling to the blood covered ground. "For my friends" she whispers Pluto lifts up her staff and magenta light flashes, She is at the time gate Pluto is about to step through the gate when.

"Where are you going Pluto?" Asked a voice. A voice Pluto knew too well and resented.
"It is none of your affair you have gotten what you wanted they are dead my friends, how could you let this world die? And let that vile evil take over the Universe?" Pluto asked shaking with anger.
"Pluto you have been a loyal and good Guardian of the time gates the best yet cause we have never met. But I think it's time we met and I think it should be now" With that light blue energy flashes around Pluto transporting her to a Palace of white and light blue marble with diamond chandeliers.
"Where am I!" Pluto demanded.
"In my palace." Says the figure in front of her.

I gasp as I see whom the voice belongs to its, Destiny. I had never seen Destiny I had only heard her voice when she told me things and she was the one who let me see the future. Destiny was the one who gave me my powers she was the one who talked to me in the Time gates. I had hated her a few minutes ago and I still did. Destiny was dressed in a white gown that was strapless. She had long light blue hair that went to her knees in ripples. Her eyes were orange and she was very pale. Destiny had an Aura that was light blue and it surrounded her like she was in a bubble. She was about six-five, and stood towering above me.
"Pluto what you just experienced can be changed it was only a alternate reality." She says calmly looking down at me. I was about to say something, but she raised her hand. "We don't have time to talk about it even here time is sacred and I have another job to do so just listen to what you are to do, Sorry if I sound rude, but I am believe it or not pressed for time." I only nod thinking how can she be pressed for time.
"Okay no interruptions please, What you just went through is an alternate reality. Rini works for me. I was about to ask her what she was talking about but was silenced by the look she gave me. Okay you could say that Rini is a part of that alternate reality and almost all of the obstacles that have been thrown at Serena." I can't take anymore so I interrupt.
"Who is Serena?" Destiny glares at me looking annoyed man I swear she's a...
"A what Pluto? She says turning her head a certain way. I shake my head and she continues. Serena is Usagi do you remeber the Star Kingdom? She asked me. My eyes go wide with surprise and realization. Usagi is Serena that Serena. It's just a little too much she looked like her, but I never made the connection.
"But Usagi has Blue eyes and Blond hair!" I say trying to make sense. "I will explain that later! Please don't interuppt again." Destiny says with a tinge of anger in her voice. She looks a little stressed to me, but why would Destiny be stressed? I thought but was yanked out as Destinys' Aura started to glow brighter catching my attention.
"Okay now that you are listenting Serena has been given many tasks She has done them all well except Crystal Tokyo. She didn't have
enough power to save the world so she did the next best thing she saved Tokyo. Yepee, now Nemesis has outnumbered her. They took the rest of the Earth and converted it to youmas or they killed them." She says.
"Wait she saved the world not just Tokyo!" I say.
"You know the truth Pluto the world wasn't saved and just cause King Endymion said so it doesn't count. You know the truth! Just cause he said it to Sailormoon and his past self doesn't mean its true. Don't believe an lie! Especially since you lived through it and know the truth!" She sighs and speaks again "I'm glad that I delayed the things that's' suppose to make everyone sleep for at least a thousand years. When this happened she was going to have to fight alone for a thousands years. Corny isn't it? But it is powerful very powerful I can't keep them for much longer. Don't think that when the Earth slept a thousand and then Nemesis came. You think that they are the problem but they aren't really. True we need to defeat them and quickly I can't hold this thing forever. The six must be revived Pluto. The six are the key. They are the keys to beating Nemesis and the horrible things I have kept locked away. The six Pluto and hurry to them. Serena is one of them. Now the future is changed you will not be seeing it for a while cause what happens in the past is important for the future. Also Rini will be coming home so don't be alarmed if you see her disappear, She will be coming to live with me and a friend, Oh and Elios she was a dream come true for him and me possibally you too if you opened your eyes. I give her a look and she just winks at me and continues talking. I'm not gonna tell you I'll let you figure it out. She says smiling at something she personally knew and wasn't going to tell me. Destiny closes her eyes and sighs. I miss Rini much as he does and I want her home." Destiny says smiling and looking down at me.
"I will do my best and more. How do I find the six? And do I inform the rest of the scouts of what is happening?" I think trying to absorb the information that was just thrown at me into my skull.
"No do not mix them up in this, they would get in the way or hurt. The scouts are strong but those Oni things would eat them for lunch. There shall be another person who will help you find the six. Remember Serena now known as Usagi is one of them actully the leader of them."
"When I find Serena what am I to tell her of the future?" I asked.
You may tell Serena certain things and show her certain things of her origin. When you do this I will guide you. Godspeed Pluto." With that she kisses me on my cheek and I leave.

"So much to do so very much to do" Destiny mutters under her breath. She vanishes as she sees Pluto leave her palace. It will take her some time to find the gate from the palace, but still I have to hurry. She arrives on the ruins of the moon she stands in the shadows watching.

A figure with a bright orange aura fly's over the ruins of the moon Kingdom. His eyes search hatefully for a woman that stripped him of his life. He lands on the moon standing on a pillar. "SERENITY GET OUT HERE NOW!!!!! I know that you are dead but I still command to see you! A few minutes later. Serenity I the ruler of all the stars of this Galaxy son of the Universe and Galaxy command to see you now!!! A man or being roars. He is dressed in a dark red suit with a black cape. His hair was weird just as much as his eyes. His hair was glowing. Literally his hair glowed even though his hair was a dark orange. In each of his eyes they were the colors of a rainbow his pupil if you looked hard enough you could see his pupil was a very dark violet. He was standing on the moon in a royal manner. Then a light flashed and Queen Serenity was standing there.
"I am here stop disturbing the dead," she says evenly looking him in his eyes without flinching from the energy just his eyes made.
"Have you seen it have you seen this Crystal Tokyo that has been destroyed? This Crystal Tokyo that my daughter had ruled and was killed by Nemesis why wasn't she strong enough to defeat them? Killed by Nemesis dogs." he mutters looking at Queen Serenity with hatred in his eyes.

Queen Serenity gasps and tears forms in her eyes. There's silence and the King stands there looking like a fit of fury. "Serenity I have lost my daughter to you, Nemesis and the Negaverse. I have lost her to the Negaverse and Nemesis twice. You could have prevented it by giving me my daughter you knew she was mine too. The way your eyes shone with tears you knew yet you kept her and she has died again at your expense. Unforgivable." he said looking at her.
"True she is your daughter, but I am her mother. I carried her for ten months. She is as much as mine as she is yours. She may have been your first but..."
"There will be no first or last she is my daughter and I love her and have killed her. I am her father! She is of my blood mine! You have taken her from her friends and love. You took her from me! She needs her friends and her boy and they need her!"
"She has her friends the scouts and Prince Endymion is there too."
"The who? Prince who? The hell with them she had five other..." He starts but is interrupted by a flash of blue light.

There stands a woman with blue hair and orange eyes. "I can help you both please no interruptions. She looks at the man with the bright hair. "Go to the Time Gates and find a woman with green hair her name is Pluto she will help you find your daughter. Go now. He was about to question her but he stopped for some reason. He vanishes the next second. You Queen Serenity I want you take Rini home when the time comes. In reward you will be able to be with your Love King Solorsis." The Queen immediately perks up at the mention of her love. At long last they could be together, but one thing was wrong. "Who are you and how can I trust you?" Queen Serenity asked shooting destiny a regal look. Destiny sighs a little amused that the Queen didn't know who she was. "I am Destiny and to trust in me would be a good choice." With that she disappears.
Time Gates
Pluto is about to descend into the gates when a figure comes behind her. "Who are you" she snarls assuming attack position until a voice enters her mind. Pluto rises up from her battle stance. "Let's go she says. They step through the gate and leave.

Destiny walks back into the palace and kneels in front of the throne. "Are you happy my Queen?' she asked.
"Yes sister I am very much happy, soon my dear love shall meet his daughter and soon so shall I. 'Tis time for the meeting and awakening." The woman says tossing her white hair over her shoulder. On her forehead the moon sigil burns brightly.
A month after the battle with Galaxia.

A man with brilliant orange hair and rainbow eyes floats outside of Usagi Tsukinos' window. He watches the girl go to sleep and her talking cat. This is the first time he has seen his daughter since that night. He steps through the house and appears in her bedroom. "My dear daughter you are so beautiful Look like your mother so much. I love you and we shall meet. But now you have to awaken my daughter." He kisses her on her forehead and symbols flash over her forehead. After the rest of the symbols flash the only one remaining is a little golden star above the crescent moon. The man touches her face one more time and he disappears just as a little girl with pink hair comes in.

Oh man I'm late, stupid dreams made me wake up later than usual, thinks Usagi as she dashes out of her school. The events of the days were the usual she was late got detention and was late to her meeting with the Senshi. She picks up more speed. Boy I'm going to miss Molly and Melvin they had moved to America for a year for a research project on something. Usagi cuts through the park as a short cut to the temple. Usagi picks up more speed. Two figures watch Usagi as she flies through the park. Usagi runs through the park and up some stairs only to see someone running down them. Her eyes go wide with surprise, but both are going to fast to stop. They collide. The boy reaches out and grabs Usagi before she lands on the cement and they both land on the ground in the park and everything goes black.
Okay for the confused. In this Fanfic When King Endymion told the scouts and himself it was a Crystal World let's just say he was lying :) and for what reason? Usagi/Serena has a father! Who is the white harried woman? Where is Rini going? Who is King Solorsis? Much more questions on the way in chap 1. Stay tuned and I will tell you the amswers to them all. Also PLEASE E-MAIL ME. Flames are welcome just as much as nice comments. Anything else e-mail me I'll tell you.