Site Fight Cheers
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The Sailor Scout Site's Cheers! Sorry there isn't much I haven't touch this page in a long while and I have been cheering mostly everyday so it's hard to keep up with them all. So I decided that I'll add something to this page. I welcome you to my Spirit Guarden!

The spirit guarden is a place to relax from your every day troubles and take a walk through the guarden of flowers. You may take the flowers (no links) since they were generously given to me by friends of mine in the site fights. It has taken awhile for them to grow but with patience and love they manage to grow healthy and strong.

Now for your relaxation a cheer from my past time.

Freindship is everywhere in The Site Fights,
Hey thats the main goal and they have all the rights,
For Friendship is the best cure,
For sadness madness and many more,
To make a frown into a smile,
a friendship will last for a very long while,
cause true friendship is a strong bond,
with happiness and sadness in times and,
sure there might be some madness in this friendship so true,
but making up is the best part,
to try your friendship from the start,
The Site Fights about that and many more,
with fairies, wee ones, team members all to cure,
with friendship in hand thats for sure,
Site Fights are fights no doubt about that,
But good sports will always lay down a welcome mat,
to any site fight team and to you of course,
with open arms we'll welcome you in but not by force,
but with friendship in hand,
thats how we stand,
and friendship is everywhere in The Site Fights.
So come one and all and join us today,
your friendships are in hand come on don't dely,
cause when you join us your part of the team,
the community of site fighters who have the same dream,
to win the DMan Dome is a big part,
but most of all friendship is where it starts,
So don't be worried about not getting friends,
cause you'll always have a friend in the site fights when,
you join us today and have a great time,
with happiness and cheer thats what you'll find.

May all the blessings of frinedship and spirit fill your life with love and happiness. See you next time!

These are some of my fav. cheers.
This one was based on The Sailormoon theme

We'll fight the fights by moon light,
Win the matches by daylight,
we'll never run from any fight,
We are the ones named StarFighters!
We will never turn our back on our friends,
we will always be there to defend,
we are the ones that can depend,
we are the ones named StarFighters!
We'll fight the fights by moon light,
Win the matches by daylight,
with the whole team to help fight,
We are the ones named StarFighters!
We are the ones named StarFighters!
We are the ones StarFighters!

I based this one on the pokemon theme

We want to be the very best,
That no one ever was,
each starfighter fights there best,
and to win is our call,
we will travil across the land,
searching far and wide,
each new fighters to understand,
their power thats inside,
try to win it all,
We know it's our destiny,
oh were all best friends,
for a title to try and fend,
try to win it all,
our courage will follow through,
you'll help me and I'll help you,
try to win it all,
try to win it all,

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