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Spirit SolarPanda PurpleLight...
as DSpirit it is with great honor I present to you the award of

DRealm of DSpirit

December Star of the Month

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We are so proud of all you do in your duties in DRealm of DSpirit by sharing your Spirit with others that we wanted to honor you, therefore we have named you DRealm Star of the Month for December.

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Thank you Spirit SolarPanda PurpleLight  you are fantastic!!

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You have shown outstanding spirits throughtout The Site Fights and in DRealm of DSpirit by handling our gifts and being Spirit Team Leader to two Spirit Teams...Starfighters and Taz's Shadow Walkers....which is way beyond your duties as a Spirit.

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Thank you Spirit SolarPanda PurpleLight for all you do.  I appreciate it and for this you are awarded 80 Spirit Points to spend as you wish in DStore.

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Please email Spirit SolarPanda PurpleLight your congratulations.

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